Windscreen System
‘Working’ for safety

Automotive glass

PermaClear for windscreens with anti-freeze
PermaClear for windscreens water based


  • Increased Driver & Passenger Safety
  • Suitable for all vehicles where wash/wipe facility is fitted
  • Antifreeze or water based
  • Unique in Application.
  • Easy to use
  • Protective coat applied & maintained automatically
  • Easier insect & ice removal
  • Improves clarity and visibility at all times and from the very first sweep of the wiper blade
  • Better performance in cold conditions
  • Reduces wiper wear & noise

ProClean Non Alkaline Glass Cleaners


  • Easy to use preparation for PermaClear Automotive glass protection system
  • Contains NO acids or vinegar
  • Non caustic formulation.
  • Leaves glass surfaces completely smear and streak free to prepare the glass surface properly for PermaClear protective coat.
  • Compliments all other PermaClear glass treatment products
  • Acknowledged by many trade experts as the finest glass cleaner available



A Positive Contribution
to Road Safety!

Increased Driver & Passenger Safety

See the difference below:




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