Drinking Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid

Question:- ..How much time do you spend worrying about the way your drinking glasses look after washing ?

Question:- ..How much time do you spend on drinking glass examination, pre treatment and/or post wash polishing and buffing, only to find that your glasses still dont look as good as they should, spoiling the appearance and often the quality of the drinks served ?

Question:- ..How much money do you waste in replacing drinks ?

If the answer to all of these questions is NONE ~ well done, you are in the very fortunate minority

If the answer to one or all of the questions is TOO MUCH ~ then PermaClear can definitely help you.

PermaClear Drinking Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid will revolutionise the licensed and catering trades attitudes to drinking glass cleanliness and appearance. Both products represent a significant development in drinking glass cleaning technology. The products are unique in their cleaning process, but can be used in standard commercial glasswashing machines without any modifications or additional procedures

Poor cleaning and glass finish is a major problem in the industry and no single product, currently available appears to address all of the problems. A high proportion of people involved in washing drinking glasses still spend a lot of time on pre treatments and post wash polishing and buffing as the only real way of ensuring that the glasses are acceptable.

PermaClear Drinking Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid, has been extensively tested in independant laboratory trials, plus a high number of commercial users test, in Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants all over the UK and Ireland, Results and user comments from these tests have confirmed claims made for the products. When used correctly PermaClear drinking glass detergent and rinse aid gives a level of cleanliness and appearance far beyond normal expectations and in the majority of situations all traces of lipstick and grease are removed without the need of pre or post wash procedures and treatments. In all cases, the users found that the cleanliness of the glasses was significantly improved.

PermaClear Drinking Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid can also be used safely at higher temperatures. In solution the products are non caustic. This means that no etching or scratching will appear on the glass surface after repeated cleaning, so the glasses have a longer useful life

Dema Tableware, market leaders in glassware products and major suppliers to the licensed trade, have extensively tested both products in house. As a result of these tests. Dema Tableware fully recommend and approve PermaClear Drinking Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid on all of their glasses.

Glass appearance and finish is greatly improved.

No pre and/or post wash treatments or buffing required.

Heavy soiling such as lipstick and grease is removed in the majority of situations, easily and efficiently.

Lacing and nucleation from the centre of the glass is greatly improved.

Carbonation and beer head retention is significantly prolonged.

Much kinder to glasses at higher wash temperatures.

Which means :

Money and Time saved.
Reduced potential customer complaints.
Reduced losses/drink replacements.
Better glass and drink appearance.
Increased customer satisfaction.
Enhanced reputation.