The range of advanced cleaning and maintenance solutions, for clear and sparkling glass was developed in Northern Ireland, by a dedicated in-house research team devoted to the care and maintenance of all types of glass surfaces.

PermaClear researchers recognised the specific and individual requirements for glass in its many forms and applications, producing unique formulations of polymer based glass treatment systems, to meet the differing requirements. All PermaClear formulations are developed to provide high levels of performance and protection, over a diverse range of working environments. From industrial, commercial, residential windows to all types of vehicle windscreens and more recently drinking glasses in the licensed and catering trade. Even down to the most delicate champagne flutes washed in commercial glass washing machines.

PermaClear cleaning and coating systems are designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to use.Needing no messy mixing or preparation. The products are unique in all of the markets that they are in. Carefully formulated to offer the user distinct benefits over and above current cleaning products and/or technology available. PermaClear Ltd is dedicated to making the care of all types of glass surfaces more cost effective, easier and