Non Alkaline Pro Glass Clean

The product was originally developed to prepare the glass surface safely for the application of PermaClear Original Non Stick Coating, but is now also acknowledged, as a product in its own right, by many trade experts as the very best glass cleaner available.

Pro Glass Clean is a high performance cleaner which is far easier to use than other glass cleaners on the market. Glass surfaces dry and finish far quicker and without smears or streaks to leave ALL glass sparkling clean and crystal clear.

Pro Glass Clean should always be used to prepare any glass surface which is to be coated with any PermaClear glass coating product, particularly when the surface to be coated is very badly marked with dirt or bird lime or any other industrial or environmental contaminant.

Pro Glass Clean is easy and safe to use.

Pro Glass Clean is non caustic

Pro Glass Clean complements all PermaClear surface coating products.

Pro Glass Clean leaves no streaks or marks.

Which Means.

Time and cost is saved with glass appearance and clarity improved to give total satisfaction. Non caustic formulation is safer and also kinder to glass and surrounding surfaces ensuring peace of mind.