PermaClear Windscreen Coating System

PermaClear Windscreen Coating System is unique. Specially formulated to be added to the vehicle windscreen washer bottle, for convenience and ease of use.

After adding PermaClear Windscreen Coating system to the washer bottle, activation of the wash/wipe mechanism automatically applies an invisible protective coat to the windscreen, and also the rear window where a wash/wipe facility is fitted. Each time the wash/wipe is activated the coating is "topped up" to maintain the protective coating on the surface of the windscreen.

PermaClear Windscreen Coating system actually repels water, misting, dirt and other common contaminants and also stops insects etc becoming embedded on the glass surface. THEREFORE ACTING LIKE AN INVISIBLE WINDSCREEN WIPER.

PermaClear Windscreen Coating system means that wipers sweep better and without dragging or jumping. To give far more efficient clearing from the very first sweep, to improve driver and passenger visibility AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL CONDITIONS, Wiper life is also significantly increased.

Wiper wear reduced.

Wiper replacement reduced.

Easier insect removal.

Quicker de-icing/de-misting.

Increased wiper sweeping and clearing efficiency.


Protection of the windscreen surface.

Significantly improved clarity and visibility ALWAYS.

Saves money in the long term.